6 Reasons to Use Amazon Baby Registry (Plus Discounts and Free Trials for Prime)

If you’re on the hunt for a great baby registry, Amazon has you covered. Below I’ve compiled a list of the reasons to choose Amazon to use for all your gift wants and needs.

Disclaimer: The links provided are affiliate links, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I will receive a small portion of the profits if used.

  1. Universal Registry: When using Amazon Registry, you can add products from any website using Amazon Assistant.
  2. FREE Welcome Baby Box: If you’re a Prime member, you will receive a free box of goodies for both parents and baby. Not a Prime member? Here’s a free 30-day trial which includes Prime Video and free 2-day shipping. For college students, Prime offers this 6-month trial with a 50% off Prime deal after you’ve finished the trial.
  3. Mobile Registry: Put simply, you can use your computer, phone, or tablet to manage your registry.
  4. Completion Discount: To help you check off the remaining items on your registry, certain products can have up to a 15% discount.
  5. 365-Day Returns: From the day of shipping, you have one full year to return any items that you may not like or that don’t work properly.
  6. Largest Selection Compared to Competitors: You won’t find a bigger selection anywhere else, so it’s less worry that you won’t be able to find what you want. (And if you don’t see Reason #1)

I have made my own registry through Amazon and I can easily tell you that it’s less of a headache than other options I’ve found. Interested in starting your own? Start here. If you’re looking for what to put on your registry you can find my list of must-haves here.

8 Baby Shower and Registry Gift Ideas

Whether you’re looking to build up your registry or to find the perfect gift for the expecting family, you’ve come to the right place. As an expectant mother myself, I wanted to find the best-reviewed gifts, as well as ones I would actually want my family/baby to use.

Disclaimer: The links provided are affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, I will get a small portion of the profits should you use them.

Dinosaur Teether Toy: This is an antibacterial, BPA free silicone teether. With its high ratings and cute, yet sensible design (it clips onto baby’s clothes so it won’t get lost) these are an easy choice for newborns or teething babies who need something to chew on.


Comfortable Diapers for Baby: One thing I hear often is how little (if any) time newborns actually stay in newborn size diapers. These are size 1s, (can be used up to 14 lb.) offer a cut-out for the baby’s umbilical cord, and use a pocketed waistband in the back to keep the mess in. You can, of course, buy smaller or larger sizes or quantities to suit your needs. Find them here.


Swaddle Blanket 2-Pack: With 96% of reviewers giving these blankets a 5-star review (and the rest giving 4 stars) they were an easy choice to add to the list. They are 70% bamboo and 30% cotton so you know that baby’s sensitive skin was a priority. You can also use them as a nursing or stroller cover, burp cloth, or tummy-time blanket and they don’t come with a steep price tag!


White Noise Machine: Any product that can help a baby AND their parents sleep better is a must in my book. This machine is top rated and is compact enough to travel with. There are 30 different sound options with 5 different lullaby options, so you can find the perfect fit for any member of the family.


Onesies: Plain onesies are an easy way to style a baby or just throw on something simple. These onesies are unisex, cotton, and were awarded Amazon’s Choice. There are also options for designed onesies in the drop-down menu.


Tummy Time Mat: This playmat has caught my attention as one thing I definitely want for my own registry. It has eye-catching colors and designs to keep baby entertained and a low price tag. Another Amazon Choice with 97% of buyers giving it a 5-star review. It is a water playmat so keep that in mind if buying for pet parents or are a pet parent.


Backseat Mirror with Window Shades: Being able to see your baby while driving helps to ease the anxiety of not being right by them. This mirror is shatterproof, maneuvers in any angle, and has an anti-scratch design. It also includes two window shades to keep the sun off baby’s sensitive skin and out of their eyes. You can find the set here.


Mama Bear Sweatshirt: For mamas who want to be cute and comfortable, this pullover sweatshirt is a great go-to. It comes in 5 different colors and has sizes S-XXL. A perfect gift that focuses on the mom who’s going through the trial (and blessing!) of pregnancy.


Bonus: Interested in having your own Amazon baby registry? When one gift is bought you get a free welcome baby box with top-rated goodies. Start your registry here.

Pregnancy Essentials

Growing another human in your belly is no easy task. I’ve built a list of helpful products in an attempt to make the process easier for expecting mothers.

Disclaimer: The links provided below are affiliate links, meaning I will get a portion of the profits if you choose to use them.

Pregnancy Pillow: Trying to sleep before the baby comes can be the ultimate struggle. Between the growing belly and the sore back, you need something with better support. This pillow is detachable so you can find the optimal arrangement for you. Also, it is one of the lowest-priced ones I could find, while still having high reviews and is an Amazon Choice pick!



Prenatals: I struggled with finding the right prenatal when first looking for my best fit. In the first trimester, morning sickness can run rampant and I could NOT hold down prenatals with iron in them. I also found out the hard way that I needed a full stomach before taking them. I found that gummies were my best route. These have folate and DHA which are essential for a healthy pregnancy and baby.


Lotion: Aside from stretch marks, your growing belly can get VERY itchy, so keeping it moisturized is a big help. Cocoa butter has been known as a staple during pregnancy and helps with both issues. Another option is Bio-Oil which helps to improve the stretch marks appearance. It also helps with scars and uneven skin tone. It’s something I use daily on my face as a moisturizer with added benefits. Find the cocoa butter here and the Bio-Oil here.

cocoa butter


bio oil








Seaband: Seabands are drug-free, anti-nausea wristbands. They work by acupressure, meaning they apply pressure to a certain point on your wrist which relieves nausea and vomiting which is perfect for morning sickness. Find them here.


Constipation Relief: One of the less lovely side effects of pregnancy is constipation. Trying to ease this symptom can be dangerous though as you don’t want to take harsh laxatives or overdo stool softeners. I was recommended Miralax as it’s gentle, but effective. I was also told it’s the top doctor-recommended way to relieve constipation for pregnant women. Make sure you’re following the instructions and don’t take too many doses. You can find Miralax here.


Antacids: Heartburn is a common side effect in the third trimester. A good option is these Tums because it relieves heartburn while also adding some calcium into the body, which is even more important while pregnant.



Morning Sickness Tips

Pregnancy is a huge blessing, but can come with some harsh symptoms. As someone currently going through their first pregnancy, I’ve had to learn what my body can and can’t handle when it comes to morning sickness. Some mamas are very lucky to not have to deal with this pregnancy symptom, but for those who are I’ve compiled a list of tips to help ease some baby-induced nausea. Everyone’s pregnancies are different and what has worked for me, may not for you. It is all about finding your perfect balance with foods and what you need to avoid.

Disclaimer: I have provided some links to certain products that I will receive a small compensation for if you were to use them.

Drinks that Help

Ginger ale: Ginger is a great way to ease nausea. However, ginger ale must be drunk in moderation because of the sugar content. I typically stick to one small glass a day and it helps to stop that less-than-lovely pukey feeling.

Ginger tea: A good alternative if wanting to cut back on sugar from ginger ale is ginger tea. It can also ease cramping and is thought to be very healthy for pregnant women, especially in their first trimester. It is also caffeine-free, making it an even better alternative.

ginger tea



Peppermint tea: This is my go-to on cold mornings when food isn’t the most appetizing. It typically helps me to at least be able to keep down crackers or a granola bar. Peppermint is also helpful for gas, which is another unpleasant pregnancy symptom.

peppermint tea


Pedialyte: While this one won’t help with actual nausea, but will help when you can’t keep anything down. It restores sodium and potassium as well as keeps the body from dehydration which is crucial during pregnancy.

Foods that Help

Sour Foods: Lemonheads, Sour Patch Kids, and other sour foods can curb nausea. The tartness apparently makes these easier on the stomach.

sour patch kids



Peppermint Gum: This is another go-to as soon as nausea hits me in the middle of the day. I just chew one piece and as an extra bonus, it helps with any bad breath which can also add to nausea.

Applesauce: Applesauce is extremely easy on the stomach, which is one of the reasons I eat it almost every morning when my stomach is empty and nausea can be at its ugliest. For those who are also suffering from diarrhea, this is an optimal choice.

Extra Tips

Smells: If possible, stay away from offensive smells. I have to leave the room if it smells like garlic or onion. As your pregnancy continues, you’ll learn what triggers your gag reflex and what is safe. The smell of lemon or peppermint is quite helpful for me.

Brushing Teeth: This one has been quite a problem for me and I’m told many other expecting mothers. When brushing your teeth, it may trigger your gag reflex, especially right after eating.  I typically wait at least 30 minutes after eating and that really seems to help.